Simple rates to solve your most complex technology problems


We believe that our rates and contracts should reflect simplicity, even if our core business is solving complex technical problems.

IT Consulting   - $150 Per Hour for a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Certified Security Expert to assist with your business's critical IT endeavors during normal business hours on a pre-scheduled appointment. This is also the hourly rate for IT Support Contract Plans in the event of an emergency while you are under a yearly support contract with us to support your Windows Servers and Workstations at your business or home office. In many cases, we can support, troubleshoot, maintain, and deploy your applications and systems remotely over the Internet, which means there is little to no interruption to you in your physical business environment. We also schedule weekend and evening hours for service.

We make it a point to encourage businesses and professionals to enter into a contract with us to support and maintain critical business systems on a monthly basis to ensure the latest security updates/patches are in place, errors shown in the system logs are resolved well before outages occur, and your backups and disaster recovery plan is in place should anything catastrophic occur which might cause your organization downtime.

Emergency IT Services - $299 Per Hour for Emergency IT Services to deal with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity at your business or home office. We understand fully that emergencies occur and sometimes even smart people make the mistake of not planning for such stressful events. We are often taken away from our normal duties when called in an emergency and at times we go long hours without sleep to save your business from the abyss. Our emergency rates reflect both our efforts to rescue your business and our encouragement to enter a plan with us.

If you need us to drop what we're doing and come help your organization, $299 is the rate you will be charged if you do not have a plan with us.

Emergency IT Services are offered based on engineering staff availability and we reserve the right of refusal to non-clients without contracts.

Entering into an IT Support Contract Plan with us guarantees that you get a better rate for your support needs because it guarantees us IT work.

One of the best investments you can make for your business is to have a vendor certified and experienced IT professional perform a monthly checkup and maintenance on all your critical business systems to ensure the security and reliability of your network. We'll ask a few questions, have you fill out a basic questionnaire, and then propose a plan that fits your needs. Even if you only have one computer, let's talk. The advantage of having a contract with us is that you are guaranteed to have an expert show up to help and you won't get raked over the coals in the event of an emergency that could cripple or perhaps even end your business. Essentially you are investing in peace of mind for your systems.